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Selfish Status Quotes: Today we are sharing the top Selfish status and Quotes for Whatsapp with you. Those status are a collection of the well-known popular Selfish status. Numerous individuals are looking for selfish Status and Quotes of Whatsapp, Fb, and different social media. You can take a look at the beneath a collection of Selfish status for Whatsapp. We created a list so that you could share together with your buddies on social systems like Twitter, Instagram, Fb, Whatsapp without problems.

Selfish Status Quotes

Selfish Status Quotes

"Never cry for that person who doesn't know the value of your tears."

"My Silence Is Just Another Word For My Pain."

"People Never Remember The Million Times You’ve Helped Them, Only The One Time You Don’t."

"I am only selfish when it comes to you."

"I have done what I like, I don't care what you think?."

"Your selfishness is the cause of your sorrows."

"I am simple, complex, generous, unattractive, beautiful, lazy, and driven but not selfish."

"I am looking to buy a new boomerang, how can I throw the old one out?"

"I always try to cheer myself up by singing when I get sad. Most of the time, it turns out that my voice is worse than my problems."

“I’M Happy For You!” Is The Hardest Lie To Tell When Your Old Love Found Someone New."

"I Don’t Know The Key To Success, But The Key To Failure Is Trying To Please Everybody."

"One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody."

Best Selfish Status for Whatsapp and Facebook in English

Best Selfish Status for Whatsapp and Facebook in English

"Do Me A Favour And Be Honest With Me. That’s All."

"I do what I like, I don't care what you think."

"If you don't like me remember it's mind over matter; I don't mind and you don't matter."

"It Is Not Selfish To Do What Is Best For You."

"I'm tired of having a good heart to people who run all over me, selfish people."

"Loneliness is better than a bad company."

"Don't sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much there's nothing else you can give and nobody will care for you." (selfish status)

"It is a shame that some people in this world claim to love others so much, but show that they only care about themselves in everything they do."

"Be Proud Of All The “Scars” In Your Life. Each One Holds A Lifetime’s Worth Of Lessons."

"People don't care for you when you are alone, they just care for you when they are alone."

"Sometimes it's not the person who change, it's the mask that falls off."

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Selfish Status in English for Facebook and Whatsapp

Selfish Status in English for Facebook and Whatsapp

"I don't care about what others think about me, I just care about what I think about myself."

"I got a dream that's worth more then my reality. And pride that's worth more than a salary."

"One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody."

"Cannot trust anyone these days. Fake is becoming a new trend."

"Some people walk into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts. Others walk into our lives and we want to leave footprints on their face!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I Forgot I Only Exist To You When You Need Something."

"I Hate Two-Faced People, It Makes It Harder For Me To Decide Which Side To Slap First."

"I named my dog 5 miles, so I can tell people I walk 5 miles every day."

"I am simple, complex, generous, selfish, unattractive, beautiful, lazy, and driven. I don't care what other people think about me."

"To talk without thinking first is just like to shoot without aiming."

"Selfishness comes from poverty in the heart, from the belief that love is not abundant."

"If you don't like me, then remember, I don't mind and you don't matter."

Top Selfish status for FB in English

"When You Have Given Nothing, Ask For Nothing."

"Negative feelings of hate, anger, and selfishness can destroy the well-being of any individual."

"Real people are never fake, and fake people are never real."

"I hate fake people. You know what I am talking about."

"Something’s You Just Have To Do For Yourself, Not Being Selfish Just Productive."

"How sad is it, that the ones who expect the most, give the least?"

"To be different isn't about changing yourself, it's about knowing yourself enough to never want to be someone."

"The one who loves the least controls the relationship."

"I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea."

"As A Receiver, You Are Naturally A Selfish Player."

"I did rather be hated for being real than loved for being fake."

"My Love Is Selfish, I Can’t Breathe With You !"

"You See A Person’s True Colours When You Are No Longer Beneficial To Their Life."

"When you begin to act like you're the only one with problems, your selfishness begins to show your character."

Popular Selfish status for Whatsapp

"Keep Calm & Avoid Selfish People."

"My Love Is Selfish, I Can’t Breathe With You!

"Don't tell me to change, I can't perfect myself anymore."

"It Is Impossible To Be Both, Selfish And Happy."

"Sometimes It’s Not The People Who Change, It’s The Mask That Falls Off."

"Someone who smiles too much with you can sometime frown too much with you at your back."

"No Man Is More Cheated Than The Selfish Man."

"Follow Your Heart But Take Your Brain With You."

"I Like My Lovers Selfish. Do You Know How Sexy It Is When Someone Only Wants You ?"

"The Friend who lives only for himself finally reaps nothing but unhappiness."

"Live life one day at a time. Share it with people who matter most to you, for life is a little jar of memories. So fill it with people worth remembering."

"No More Distractions, It’s Time To Be Selfish."

"The only person in this world I trust is myself. And even he's questionable at times."

"Say It To My Face. Not Through Your Status."

"Sometimes You Have To Be Selfish To Be Selfless."

"Selfish People End Up Having Only Their Self."

"Selfishness is depriving others of the choices that they can make, Only thinking of your own."

"Shouldn't you have a license for being that ugly?"

"I Don’t Want To Sound Selfish, But I'm Tired Of Sitting Around."

"You need to stop being so selfish and start caring about everyone else."

"Don’t Blame People For Disappointing You. Blame Yourself For Expecting Too Much."

"People Aren’t Out To Get You, They’re Just Out For Themselves."

"You Did The Wrong Thing To The Right Girl."

"Yes, I am selfish, because I don't want to share you with others."

"I Miss You But I'm Not Going To Text You First, Because I Want To See If You Miss Me More."

"Fake people will hang around as long as you let them. So, don't. Cut back on their time and spend it with your real friends."

"When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone."

"Obstacles Are Designed To Make You Stronger, Only The Weak Avoid Them."

"Someday when scientists discover the center of the universe, many people are going to be disappointed to find out it isn't them."

"As selfishness and complaint pervert the mind, So love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision."

"Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself."

"Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak."

"Don’t sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much there’s nothing else you can give and nobody will care for you."

"The selfish spirit of commerce knows no country, and feels no passion of principle but that of gain."

"Judging A Person Does Not Define Who They Are, It Defines Who You Are."

Selfish Status For FB

"Be Selfish And Love Yourself."

"Live life one day at a time. Share it with people who matter most to you, for life is a little jar of memories. So, fill it with people worth remembering."

"I'd rather be hated for being real than loved for being fake."

"All charming people, I fancy, are spoiled. It is the secret of their attraction."

"It’s Not Selfish To Do What Is Best For You."

"I am a nice person with a bad attitude."

"The Most Fatality In Human Nature Is Greedy And Selfish."

"Glory built on selfish principles is shame and guilt."

"When You Say “Yes” To Others, Make Sure You Are Not Saying “No” To Yourself."

"I’M Selfish, I Want You To Myself, I Can’t Help It."

"Hope for best, expect the worst, and take what comes."

"The Hard Thing Is, You Try To Hello Them But Still You’re The Bad One."

"My husband has an awesome wife."

"It's okay to be a little sad sometimes."

"Shame on me for always being selfish, the feeling is never returned."

"You killed what was left of the good in me."

Latest Selfish status in English

"Our True Passions Are Selfish."

"Relationships Aren’t Designed For Selfish Individuals."

"Today I saw something through a store window that was truly stunning, beautiful, and sexy. I wanted to get it for you, but then I realized it’s my own reflection!"

"Every Cheater Is A Coward At coronary heart."

"Humans monitor Themselves through Their moves."

"Sympathizing and egocentric human beings are alike, each given to tears."

"It is proper to be selfish. But no longer so self-centered that you in no way concentrate on other people."

"The shinbone is a device for finding fixtures in a dark room."

"Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to stay as one wishes to live."

"every forward is egocentric, and any forward who tells you he is not egocentric is a liar."

"Agar karni nahi thi dosti, to pahle bata dete, duniya badi haseen thi, hum kahin aur dil laga lete."

"selfish peoples only suppose for themselves, it's why they do not know we adore them a lot."

"Who are you to deprive me of the matters I want, I had by no means been selfish my whole life."

"Be suitable for yourself, you are all you have."

"in recent times human beings know The rate Of the whole lot And The value Of not anything."

"Be yourself due to the fact a unique is worth more than a replica."

"you may restore yourself through Breaking someone Else."

"The sector isn't always truthful, and often fools, cowards, liars, and the selfish conceal in high places."

"I am most effective selfish concerning you."

"I’M first-class, thank you For not Asking."

"So happy to recognize that you're having fun, particularly without me."

"selfish pals best have themselves in the long run."

"Don’t ask me To Do something For You that you Wouldn’t Do For Me."

"I’M Slowly learning not To permit My Happiness to rely on other humans."

"some people Create Their own hurricane, Then Get disenchanted while It Rains."

"Be what you want to be, not what others want to peer."

Selfish Quotes For FB

Selfish Quotes For FB

"Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself."

"People are selfish nowadays."

"Selfishness, not love, is the actuating motive of the gallant."

"Yes, I am selfish I don't want to share you with people."

"The selfish man or woman is a person who loves the least, controls the connection."

"Being sorry is the best act of selfishness, seeing well worth the handiest after discarding it."

"What you observed Of your self Is a good deal extra critical Than What human beings think about You."

"I do what I love, I do not care what you suspect?"

"I’M handiest chargeable for What I Say, now not For What You understand."

"I respect all the innocent souls due to the fact they're type enough to forgive the selfish people around them." (Selfish Status)

"I omit You but I'm no longer Going To textual content You First, due to the fact I want to see if you pass over Me extra."

"in case you don't like me consider it is thoughts over be counted; I don't thoughts and you don't matter."

"Sorry for being selfish. I'll try to make it mine. And regardless of what they are saying, I do not care."

"once in a while It’s now not The people who change, It’s The masks That Fall Off."

"best the strong can stay by myself, the sturdy and the selfish."

"Your toddler shouldn't should sacrifice so that you will have the life that u need, you make sacrifices so your baby can have the lifestyles that they deserve."

"you may Do large matters if you’re Distracted using Small matters."

"A selfish lifestyle isn’t God’s purpose for you."

"egocentric— a judgment quite simply handled by those who have never examined their very own power of sacrifice."

"take into account, when you are egocentric, it influences your youngsters. I wager a few human beings will never analyze what must be vital to them till it is too past due."

"Going for walks away doesn't help you with your troubles until you're fats."

"alternate is inevitable, besides a merchandising device."

"Love Is what is Left In A dating After all the Selfishness Is Taken Out."

"I got a dream it truly is well worth greater than my truth. And the pleasure that is really worth more than a profit."

"if you make a desire out of natural selfishness you better be prepared for the effects just recall you chose the existence you are going to become living." (Selfish Status)

"occasionally it is a great element to have selfish people in this world. It enables you to discover who your actual buddies are."

"I did what I love, I don't care what you think?"

"so long as I experience like this we cannot be friends... Egocentric but its the fact."

"The equal man or woman that speaks notably of you'll be the same character that downs you. Be cautious who you name friends."

"There’s something incorrect together with your man or woman If opportunity Controls your Loyalty."

"Biology without selfishness is nothing however fiction."

"every person has two faces, but mine are twins."

"actual buddies are by no means faux, and faux buddies are in no way actual."

"I love My Self + That’s All That subjects."

"allow us to discover ways to forget about selfish human beings just like the way we ignore the 'terms and conditions' of any software program."

"forestall being selfish, learn to respect others precedence, turn desires."

"if you don't like me keep in mind it is mind overcount, I don't mind and also you do not rely on."

"I am easy, complex, generous, egocentric, unattractive, lovely, lazy, and driven."

"neglect being egocentric for once. Strive to be more selfless."

"selfish peoples lose so much in life due to the fact even if they realize they're wrong, they don't know how to express regret or display regrets."

"Why do some human beings have to make themselves the victim in each situation? They accept as true with them in no way do anything incorrectly."

"The actual thing approximately This international Is absolutely everyone Is egocentric, The distinction Is who's less."

"Be egocentric and love yourself."

"admire, honesty, believe, and courtesy, some humans need to reflect on consideration on this stuff or cast off themselves from my life."

"if you deliver a gun to the pharmacy, you can get capsules without a health practitioner's prescription."

"You Knew rattling well What You had been Doing. You Knew damn well Who You have been Breaking."

"it's miles to be regretted that the wealthy and powerful too often bend the acts of the presidency to their own egocentric functions."

"a few people are so self-absorbed it makes me nauseous."

"It fills me with sorrow to see what the selfishness of one individual can do."

"Everyone has faced, but mine are twins."

"Do Not Allow The Energy Of Negative People To Affect You."

"The selfish spirit of commerce knows no country and feels no passion for principle but that of gain."

"The only sin is selfishness."

"I just don't understand how people can be so selfish and rude and yet still think they have friends."

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