Miss You My Love Status in English: Hello friends, today we are here with the latest Heart Touching Miss You Whatsapp status. We love our partner so much and sometimes we are unable to express it. Even we don't meet each other for sometimes, we started missing them. To fulfill this situation we creat this post full of Miss you status for your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband, and Wife. Send anyone of the status posted below and tell your partner how much you miss them every day.

Best Miss You My Love Status in English
Miss You My Love Status in English

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>> Miss You Status For Girlfriend
>> Miss You Status For Husband
>> Miss You Status For Wife

Miss You My Love Status in English 2020

For those who love someone so much, you can’t live without that person. Usually, that person’s inexistence bothers you.

It is very clear that the person you love the most remembers the most horrible feeling in the world. If you want to tell someone about how much you miss them, you can definitely enlist the help of this Miss You status for boy or girl.

Tell them how much you remember their presence in your life by posting this I Miss You Status in English on WhatsApp.

It hurts so badly every time you lose someone. Whenever you lose someone it feels lonely and sad. Sometimes you just can’t stop thinking about your specialties and the memories the two of you spent together.

We have a lot of Miss You status to express your feelings that you can post on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Miss You Status For Boyfriend

Miss You Status For Boyfriend
Miss You Status For Boyfriend

Relationships are awesome. They put people together. Falling in love is the best thing ever. However, sometimes your boyfriend is not with you. Maybe he’s away for work on something or there might be some quarrel between the two of you. Whatever the reason, when the lover you love is away from you, you will definitely lose him.

This is a great way to tell your friends and family and your lover that you are missing out on giving WhatsApp status about it. Give status to WhatsApp for boyfriend and share your feelings.

Whenever my phone vibrates, I always think it's you !!😒

I pretend I don’t care, but it makes me miss you even more.😣

If my tears can prove the depth of love, I can fill an ocean for youπŸ’‘

Please Come here. I miss you❣️

I officially missed you!😒

Miss You Quotes for him

I Feel myself Like An Idiot because of  Missing You.😣

Suffice it to say I miss you.❣️

I will miss you when I will not with you.😣

I miss a squirrel-like his nuts.πŸ’‘

I hate to admit it I will always miss you.😣

You are reminding me that you are not like yesterday.πŸ’‘

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Miss You Status image for Love

Miss You Status image for Love
Miss You Status image

All this time, I still miss you, every day.❣️

I miss the sound of your voice. I miss you, baby.😒

You are always with me .. in my thoughts.πŸ’‘

Time goes by very slowly when you remember love.πŸ˜₯

Miss you in all the ways of my life !!❣️

If you think I'm hard to miss, you're missing u.😒

Miss U Love Status

You may not be here with me but Yu's thoughts are always in my heart ... I miss him.πŸ’‘

Losing someone is good, but sometimes, it hurts your heart.😣

I am half-hearted without you !!!❣️

When I see ur smile, and I know it's not for me, at that point I miss you.πŸ’‘

A day without you is like a day without the sun ... I miss you ...😣

Miss U My Love Status

No call, no lessons, nothing but I'm still thinking about you, you want to be crazy.πŸ˜₯

No lessons no one will call. Fun. But I'm still thinking about you you're crazy.❣️

"I will only miss it when I breathe."πŸ’‘

"I shed a tear in the ocean. The day you knew I would not miss you."😣

I can not imagine life without it until God closes my eyesπŸ’‘

"I die every day, every second without you."πŸ’‘

"I will wait..the day I will forget you ... or the day you realize you will not forget me."πŸ˜₯

My eyes waited until ur came back. Please come back soon. I miss you !!❣️

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Miss You Status For Girlfriend

Miss You Status For Girlfriend
Miss You Status For Girlfriend

This is not only the Miss You status for boyfriend, it is also casual, it is also Miss You status for girlfriend that people like to give on WhatsApp. However, sometimes to protect the privacy of a girl relationship, in particular, you lose the status of WhatsApp for girlfriend.

Most people are always in these relationships but they can never be together. And when they are away from each other, they lose each other. That is why it is so common for many people to be given the status of Miss You.

Both girls and boys love to express their feelings about love. This is a very sweet thing. Therefore, giving Miss You status for WhatsApp is a particularly interesting experience.

Every day is a bad day without you. I miss you😣

I can not imagine life without you until God closes my eyes. Miss you❣️

When I hear my heart, it will only fulfill your name ..!😒

I shed a tear in the sea. I miss the day you found out.πŸ’‘

I miss the sun the most, I miss the night sun❣️

I lost your smile, your face, your hug. I miss you😣

I Miss You So Much Whatsapp Status

When your mood is disturbed for no reason, you certainly will not miss anyone.😒

Nothing is better than the surprising text of the person you remember.πŸ’‘

When I miss you, we read our old conversations, smile like an idiot, listen to songs that remind you, and then remember you❣️

When I lost you .. I read ur old messages.πŸ’‘

You never know how hard it will be to think about yourself. I miss you😒

Love and Miss Status

 If I ever see you smile and I know it's not for me, then I miss you more.❣️

Avoiding someone is a part of loving them… !!πŸ’‘

A day without u is always incomplete. Dear, I miss you.😣

You are the sun of my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my sea, and the beating in my heart. I miss youπŸ’‘

The worst moment was when the two missed each other but didn’t want to say goodbye.❣️

Love Missing status

You can’t be here with me, but my thoughts are always in my heart! I miss you😣

 There is nothing better for a person than a surprising text from You Miss.πŸ’‘

I can not imagine life without you until God closes my eyes. I miss you ...😣

Whenever I miss, I hum my pillow and grab it.πŸ’‘

Miss You Status For Husband

Miss You Status For Husband
Miss You Status For Husband

You love him and care so much for him. Aren't you And you always want to keep your husband close and let him stay away longer. But there are a lot of things that husbands need to remember. So they have to travel away from home every time. These are the moments when you feel lonely and miss your husband so badly.

Let him know that no matter how far away he is, he will always be with you in your heart. Tell him that distance does not affect your love for him.

My mind thinks of you, my eyes search for you but my heart tells me that you are asleep during my busy days and my nights. I miss you so much!😒

I miss the way you hug me, and I miss the way you kiss my lips, but most of all I miss the way you hold me and my heart. I miss you.❣️

I was locked inside your idea and you took the key with you. Come back soon and save me. I miss you, my dear husband!πŸ’‘

No words can express how much I miss you. My pleasure is where you are I love you so much Miss you dear husband!❣️

Missing Love Status

I miss your sweet smile, I miss your loving touch and I miss your soft voice. But most of all I miss the person when I am with you!😣

I do not remember you because I am alone without you. But I miss you because your presence illuminates my life like a thousand stars!😒

 It is not so easy to forget everything about u when everything reminds me about u. Miss youπŸ’‘

 It’s hard to forget the person who gave you so much to remember.❣️

I miss you Whatsapp status

U will always be with me ... in my thoughts ...😒

 I remember everything you said to me.πŸ’‘

It’s easy to remember who has the brain. But 4 people with a heart is hard to forget.❣️

Time goes by very slowly when you remember love.😣

Missing Sad Status

You are in my heart and my heart. I miss youπŸ’‘

I am losing ur love, I am losing your touch but I feel you every day.πŸ˜₯

U can stay out of my sight .._ but never out of my mind. I miss you.😣

No call, no text, nothing, but I still think you like crazy here.πŸ’‘

Miss You Status For Wife

Miss You Status For Wife
Miss You Status For Wife

You are the divine gift to my life. My good half, I feel you at every beat of my heart. Without you, I would be completely unconscious. Your husband is the one who reminds you of every moment.😒

I do not know what love is. I do not know what happiness is, I only know you. And without you, I feel bad that I could not take even one step in my life. My wife, your husband misses you madly.πŸ’‘

My love, life would stop without your company. How hard it is to run my life without you. With every breath, I miss you so badly.❣️

The sun still shines in the morning and the moon still shines in the night sky. But your absence makes my days incomplete. I miss you, dear wife!😒

I can not lie, I really miss U.πŸ’‘

You never understood my smile.😣

I Love Miss U status

I wish my phone had just changed and your name would appear on the screen.😒

I miss you and it's literally killing me.❣️

I lost your smile, your face, your hug. I miss you😣

Hey idiot, I still miss you, I still love you, I hope you realize.πŸ’‘

Am I missing you "every day"?😒

I Miss You Sad Status

Losing someone and not being able to see them is always the worst feeling.❣️

Sometimes simple I MISS u can change everything.😒

I will miss the time when I mean anything to you.πŸ’‘

Losing someone and not being able to see them is always the worst feeling.πŸ’‘

I still miss him, I miss him, I miss him.❣️

I so miss you dear quote

I see you when I close my eyes, I miss you when I open my eyes.😒

Sometimes, you are not the person you remember, you have feelings, moments, and memories.πŸ’‘

I want you very close.😣

I can not remember youπŸ’‘

I will try not to miss you, but in the end, I will still.😒

I do not remember you I am laughing. Smile. Good days are how things are.❣️

No, I'm not well ... I miss you.πŸ’‘

I miss your name, Everyday.😣

I am missing you sms

I don’t remember anything in my life these days.❣️

I remember seeing your name on my phone.πŸ’‘

Whenever I miss you, I hum my pillow and imagine.😒

A hug for you means I want you. A kiss for you means I love you. Calling for you means I miss you.

The more I think about you, the more I love you and I miss you.πŸ’‘

I want to go back to how we used to, I miss.❣️

There is nothing where there is love.πŸ’‘

I wish we were back, how we were. I missed her.πŸ˜₯

I miss you, a little more, and a little more every day.❣️

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Final Words

So these are some of the best heart touching Miss You My love Whatsapp status for your Boyfriends, Girlfriend, Husband, and Wife. Send any one of the statuses to them and let him or her know how much you miss them every single moment. Miss u my love status is the best way to express your love to your partner. Never forget to tell her or him how much you love them.

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